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AF121S Premier Foil Rolls - Utility Wrap
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Premier Foil Rolls – Utility Wrap. At Able Packaging Co. Ltd, we know when you package your foods with our aluminum foil, you avoid many bacteria that could end up floating around in your meals. In addition, when you utilize our aluminum foil rolls to package your food, it helps seal the odor without opening your fridge.  Just be sure to tightly pinch the foil to the container's sides so no air can go in or come out.


At Able Packaging Co. Ltd, we strive to provide aluminum foil with durability and quality at an affordable price. We offer superior aluminum foil rolls in standard, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty strengths. The standard foil is a thinner foil that provides flexibility. The standard, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty aluminum foils are great for cooking and grilling, and industrial applications. The standard foil rolls are thin and flexible, commonly used for lightweight applications and the heavy-duty aluminum foil rolls are comparable to standard kitchen rolls. The main difference is the length of the foil rolls. Most store-bought foil rolls are 75 ft. in length. The smallest rolls we sell are 500 ft. and 1000 ft. in length. The extra heavy-duty foil rolls are very durable and commonly used for the most demanding applications. Also, our foil rolls range in width from 12 inches up to 24 inches.