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AE1116 17” Aluminum Foil Platter
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AE1116 17” Aluminum Foil Platter
The Foil Platter was designed for any cook, chef, or foodie who wants to bring their creations from the kitchen to the dining table. Its large serving surface holds up to a dozen servings — enough space for even the most ambitious of chefs. If you're preparing a meal for friends or family, the Foil Platter is just what you need to transport and serve your culinary masterpiece with ease.
Edge:Oval Container
Items no:AE1116
Top Out Dimensions: 430*286mm (16.92 x 11.26”)
Top In Dimensions: 402*262mm (15.82 x 10.31")
Bottom Dimensions: 325*187mm (12.79 x 7.36")
Vertical Depth: 30mm (1.18")
Capacity: 1200mL (40.576 fl. oz.)
Weight: 65g
Pcs/Carton: 50 pcs
Case Cubic: 1.02 cu ft.
40HQ Cases: 2355