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AE 1056 5" Aluminum Pie/Tart Custer Pans
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AE 1056 5" Aluminum Pie/Tart Custer Pans
Baking circles are great for pies and tartlets. They're a wonderful way to create a professional crust when you need it. These pie/tart custer pans are the highest quality you'll find anywhere, with sturdy aluminum materials that won't lose their shape. They're perfect for creating small crusts for your desserts, especially if you want them to look professional and hold up well in the oven.
Edge:Full Curl (FC) Rim Style
Items no:AE1056
Top Out Dimensions: 100mm (3.93")
Top In Dimensions: 90mm (3.54")
Bottom Dimensions: 71mm (2.79")
Vertical Depth: 198mm (0.74")
Capacity: 100mL (189.3585 fl.oz.)
Weight: 4.8g
Pcs/Carton: 2000 containers
Case Cubic: 1.55 cu ft.
40HQ Cases: 1548