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AE1117 22” Aluminum Foil Platter
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AE1117 22” Aluminum Foil Platter
If you're tired of serving your food directly to the table and looking for a safer way to move hot plates from your kitchen to dining area, then you should try our aluminum foil platter. This oval aluminum platter is great for carrying meals like steaks, seafood, chicken wings and fajitas directly from the oven to the dinner table! It features a slick aluminum construction that will keep your platter looking like new. New
Edge:Oval Container
Items no:AE1810
Top Out Dimensions: 548*360mm (21.57 x 14.17”)
Top In Dimensions: 520*336mm (20.47 x 13.22")
Bottom Dimensions: 406*202mm (15.98 x 8.74")
Vertical Depth: 25mm (0.98")
Capacity: 2850mL (96.369 fl. oz.)
Weight: 76g
Pcs/Carton: 50 pcs
Case Cubic: 1.54 cu ft.
40HQ Cases: 1562